The 3 best frizz-fighting secrets you NEED to know . . .

Let’s Talk Frizz!

❔We recently asked over 500 of you on Instagram about your top hair concern, and guess what? More than 60% of you said frizz! So, we're here to dive into the world of frizz and share our top 3 tips to combat it.

🌀 What's Frizz, Anyway?

For us natural wavies and curlies, frizz can sometimes feel like our hair's worst enemy. But fear not! Frizz is simply a term for a curl that's not in its proper clump, and understanding this makes it much easier to tackle. To tame frizz, our goal is to keep those curls together in their clumps.

💡 Our Top 3 Frizz-Fighting Secrets:

1. Reduce Friction:

Curly hair towels are game-changers when it comes to banishing frizz. Traditional towels can cause friction and disrupt your curls, leading to frizz. Instead, opt for a gentle bamboo, jersey, or microfiber towel, or even use a soft t-shirt!

Remember, less friction means happier curls.

2. Hydration Is Key:

Hydrated hair is happy hair! Keep your curls well-hydrated to minimize frizz. Choose sulfate-free cleansers, use the "squish to condish" method with conditioner, and finish with a hydrating styling product like our curl defining custard. For extra hydration, try the bowl method for intense moisture.

3. Smasters Technique

Ever heard of the "smasters technique"? It's a game-changer for reducing frizz! Apply a small amount of styling product midway through the drying process to smooth away any frizz that may have appeared. Just be gentle to maintain those beautiful clumps!

🌟 That's a wrap on our top 3 frizz-fighting secrets! 🌟

We hope you find them helpful in your hair care journey. We'd love to hear about your frizz-busting results, so don't hesitate to share with us!